Professional Engineering Services

Electronic Development, Software Engineering and Systems Integration

Endurance Technology provides a range of services which span the entire product development and deployment process.  We can undertake either a complete end to end project or provide consultancy services and support in any of the areas listed.

Initial Consultancy

Discussions with a client about objectives and requirements for a new product or service and providing appropriate advice.  Conducting feasibility studies and technical evaluation of potential solutions, components or products and making recommendations.

Requirements Capture

Understanding and capturing project or product requirements and dependencies.  Producing technical requirements specifications.  Resolving key technical and architectural issues to produce an overall architecture.

Project Planning/Management

Developing project plans, resourcing requirements, costing, risk assessments, external dependencies.   Tracking and managing product issues and risks throughout the project.

System Architecture and detailed specifications

Designing the detailed system architecture and specifications including issues such as test requirements, regulatory issues, environmental factors and product deployment requirements.  Developing associated acceptance criteria and testing plans.

Vendor Selection

Selection of vendors providing system components or design services, software development, product design, or outsourced manufacture.  Endurance is able to evaluate different options and advise on the final selection.

Hardware and Software Development.

Endurance can undertake the development of new electronic hardware or software for an embedded product.  Supporting software integration development is also available providing both low level embedded software for a consumer premises device, (e.g. STB) as well as centrally based services supporting this such as web portals or broadcast services.


Endurance can provide testing services, or support and manage third party testing both at a unit, and system integration level.   Support for other testing requirements, such as regulatory testing for EMC and safety is also offered.


Support for product deployment.  Arranging for field trials and initial deployment with managed handover of technology to the client.  Managing and resolving issues as they arise during initial deployment.

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